About Foonguyist

I started Foonguyist Studios in 2015, but the idea had been percolating for much longer. Vexed by the way I saw American values being either cast aside in favor of divisive ideology or polluted to suit the personal interests of a particular group, I hoped to provide a medium to spark conversation around what makes us American to begin with - a springboard from which we could address the decomposition of our union.

Each of the designs you will see here seeks to celebrate American ideals or to address a challenge to them by reminding us of the root principles that make our nation great. 

In large part, it is by isolating ourselves exclusively among those whose views we share that we have arrived at such a state of discord. When we never seek to challenge ourselves intellectually to seek to identify with those who do not share our perspectives, we deny ourselves the opportunity for growth and allow for decay to set in.

The process of regenerating commonality begins with a conversation, and sometimes a challenging one. But if we never begin the dialogue, we fail to grant ourselves the opportunity to restore harmonious values. My hope is that these designs will provide you with an occasion to celebrate, to share, and possibly even to grow by exchanging perspectives with those around you.